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Francis Hammond

Francis Hammond is a British photographer, growing up in London England. With parents who are artists, painters and potters, he made things all the time in his father’s studio from a very young age. Coming to photography seemed just natural.

Francis started his career in New York and worked for all the major interiors Food and lifestyle magazines. He then moved to Paris, working in and around Europe whilst keeping his clients in the USA.

Today, Francis works mostly with major book publishers in France and the USA as making books is the most satisfying for him. 2-year, sometimes 3-year projects end up as beautiful, permanent objects that stay.

One such major book is “Versailles a private invitation” published by Flammarion. Not only was it a major work covering the whole domain, in the reprint editions, parts of the chateau that have been restored had been added and he has had a real inside look at the most amazing chateau in the world.

Today Francis’ work is more varied, but as he says “It’s all about how we live, things we eat, where we live and people around us: interiors, food and lifestyle”

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Ralph Wentz

Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm Ralph Wentz, head and eye of RAW, a studio for photography and design based in Cologne, Germany. As a photographer, I prefer the clear and precise image, specializing in people and portrait, interiors and architecture. Being interested in the entire body of work, I feel equally at home with product, corporate and industrial photography.

My fine art portrait work is highly regarded by private clients all around Germany. At ease leading a large team or working solo, my aim is to allow for spontaneity and creativity within a well-planned framework.

But in the end my photography has to be as simple as possible: There is light and shadow and there is passion, dedication and love for what I do and the deepest respect for everything and everyone I photograph and work with. This is not only the foundation for a great picture but for a good and fulfilled life as well.

Exactly these values I found when I came across the seriously crazy folks at NWS. They have the greatest respect for us photographers and our work and they want to supply our profession with equipment that has unrelentingly high standards. At the same time, they are passionate about what they do. That makes us allies, because we hold ourselves and those we work with to a positive outcome and the benefit of the best result possible. Why is that? Very simple, because we love what we do.

Erlauben Sie mir, mich vorzustellen: Ich bin Ralph Wentz, Kopf und Auge von RAW, einem Studio für Fotografie und Design in Köln. Als Fotograf bevorzuge ich das klare und präzise Bild und habe mich auf People, Porträts, Interiors und Architektur spezialisiert. Da mich jedoch die gesamte fotografische Arbeit interessiert, fühle ich mich in der Produkt-, Unternehmens- und Industriefotografie gleichermaßen zu Hause.

Meine Fine Art Porträts werden darüber hinaus von Privatpersonen in ganz Deutschland geschätzt. Von der Arbeit im großen Team bis hin zu Soloprojekten ist es immer mein Ziel, während der Shootings Spontanität und Kreativität in einem gut geplanten Rahmen zu ermöglichen.

Am Ende ist die Grundlage meiner Arbeit jedoch immer ganz einfach: Zum einen gibt es Licht und Schatten und zum anderen Leidenschaft, Hingabe und Liebe für das, was ich tue. Zudem empfinde ich den tiefsten Respekt für alles, was ich fotografiere und jeden Menschen, mit dem ich zusammen arbeite. Es entspricht meiner tiefsten Überzeugung, dass dies nicht nur die Grundlagen für ein großartiges Bild, sondern auch für ein gutes und erfülltes Leben sind.

Genau diese Werte fand ich, als ich auf die ernsthaft verrückten Leute bei NWS stieß. Sie haben den größten Respekt vor uns Fotografen und unserer Arbeit und sich zum Ziel gesetzt, uns mit Equipment auszustatten, das den höchsten Ansprüchen gerecht wird. Gleichzeitig sind sie leidenschaftlich in dem, was sie tun. Das macht uns zu Verbündeten, denn wir und alle, mit denen wir zusammenarbeiten, streben fortwährend nach den bestmöglichen Ergebnissen. Warum? Ganz einfach: Weil wir lieben, was wir tun.

Optical Specifications

  • Focal Length 110 mm
  • Angle of Coverage 28,2°
  • Image Circle: 55,0 mm
  • Rear Focal Distance: 74,9 mm
  • Lens Opening Range: f/ 3,5 to f/ 22
  • Focusing Distance Range: Infinity to 40cm from front lens surface

Mechanical Specifications

  • Filter connection: M82 x 0,75
  • Torque Adjustment Knob Graduated from 1 through 9, then “L” for Locked
  • Lens Hood: Integrated, non-removable
  • Lens Mount: Hasselblad V- compatible mount
  • Length: 139,1 mm
  • Lens Hood Diameter: 95,7 mm
  • Lens Barrel Diameter: 80,0 mm
  • Rear Lens Diameter: 45,0 mm
  • Weight: ca. 1.350 g

Detailed Instrument Description

Its sophisticated design delivers a number of optical, mechanical and application innovations targeted at expert users:

  1. 120 lp/mm resolution with at least 50% Modulation Transfer Function (MTF50)
  2. 55,0 mm image circle to cover film/sensor formats including Micro 4/3, APS-C, Full Frame 24x36mm and medium formats 33x44mm.
  3. 74,9 mm rear focal distance to ensure easy adaptation to nearly all film or digital camera mounts in production in 2019. The 110APO requires the use of an appropriate Hasselblad V-mount lens adapter for use with the target camera. The 110APO is not designed to be used on Hasselblad cameras due to mechanical incompatibilities.
  4. An optional, fully mechanical Shift Adapter provides the correct adaptation of the 110APO to cameras with Canon EF- and Nikon F-mounts. The adapter shifts laterally ±12mm and rotates 360° continuously around the optical axis with spring-loaded detents every 45° starting at Top Dead Center.
  5. Aperture control is fully manual with no dependencies on electronics, ensuring its compatibility with all camera systems. All f/ stops are adjusted steplessly with no detents using a German-made, 15-blade iris unit. Each f/ stop and in-between stops are marked on the aperture control ring. Point Spread Function (PSF) diameters in microns (µm) indicate corresponding lens performance at each lens opening.
  6. Focusing control is fully manual with no dependencies on electronics, ensuring its compatibility with all camera systems. A 270° rotation of the focus control ring brings the focused distance from infinity to the minimum focusing distance (from the front element) of 40cm or 15-3/4”. Distances are marked in meters and feet.
  7. An NWS Instruments invention: the torque adjustment knob feature
    1. The top of the torque adjustment knob on the lens barrel is perfectly level with the top of the NWS Instruments Akrobat™ Modular Instrument Positioning System front frame, and a suitable carpenter’s level can be used to enable leveling.
    2. When the torque adjustment knob is adjusted through its range, it can reduce or increase the torque required to adjust the focus ring. This is especially helpful for precise, fine focus adjustment. In addition, the “L” setting of the knob enables the focus adjustment to be fixed even when the lens barrel is tilted off horizontal position, ensuring a focused distance to remain set until the knob is released from the “L” position.
  8. Internal Lens Movement and Filter attachment
    1. The extremely high level of resolution is further enhanced with continuous optimization from infinity to the minimum focusing distance of 57cm. This is made possible by precision mechanical movement of differential lens element groups inside the lens barrel.
    2. Since this movement span a relative long distance, its location and alignment accuracy bears greatly on the resulting performance of the lens. Extreme care is taken during design and manufacturing to ensure these critical tolerances are properly maintained through the use of precision ball bearings.
    3. The front lens element is deeply set inside the lens barrel assembly to maximum the effect of stray light on its performance, as well as offering an additional measure of damage prevention. A filter thread of M82 x 0,75 is provided at the front of the lens assembly.
  9. At the base of the lens barrel is a 360° scale around the circumference of the lens barrel. It is reserved for future feature implementations.

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